The legacy

Thank You for inviting me to the home for the June 16 event. I really enjoyed myself, I am happy that I got to present my poem and to meet other talented poets such as John. I would like to dedicate this poem to Anna and Phina and rest of New Jerusalem Children’s Home, I hope you enjoy it.

MikhialWe all have our struggles in this world
Some have a team some have no one to hold
what I have seen at this beautiful home
is something incredible than I have ever known

As I look at the children’s bright smile
I come to realise that happiness for them lasts a while
however under the care of such amazing souls
these children won’t feel empty but whole

These children who were broken and alone
These children who lost their parents and home
These children who don’t have hope
They sat in the corner and mope

But they now have heroes they can look upon
Heroes who’s love is bright as the morning sun
They have a family that won’t abandon their child
They have a home to be protected from the wild

The New Jerusalem Children’s Home
A place where one can have an education
A place where one can have a brother and sister
A place where one can rebuild a broken life
A place where one can be their true self and strive for greatness

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