New Jerusalem receives gifts on Mandela Day

PRESIDENT PARK – Community members Lee Bras and Michelle Davis visited New Jerusalem Children’s Home for Mandela Day.


Bras said she did not know which organisation to donate to and visit until late on the night of 17 July. She said, “I went onto the internet and found New Jerusalem Children’s Home details and here we are today.”

The two ladies brought dry food ingredients for the children at the home. Staff of industrial component distributor, RS Components spent most of the day painting a classroom and a mural wall at the home. The company’s human resources manager, Joanne da Silva said, “We are here today to make a small contribution to the home and make a positive change in the lives of the children.”

The home’s public relations officer and fundraising manager, Patrick Emorhokpor said the children were grateful for all the help they had received. “So far our greatest Nelson Mandela Day contributor is RS Components, we appreciate their help, and all the other companies and community members who have come.”Abel Mashego of Midrand company, Kwinana sprayed pesticide on the grounds of the home.

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