L’Oréal Citizenship Day observed

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Staff members from L’Oréal South Africa cooking for children of New Jerusalem Children’s Home

Staff members from L’Oréal South Africa, a beauty and skin care company, recently spent a day at New Jerusalem Children’s Home in Midrand doing various projects for L’Oréal Citizenship Day on8 July, a worldwide event.

The home is a place of safety for abandoned, abused, orphaned and vulnerable children and has sheltered more than 1 000 children since its establishment in September 2000.

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L’Oréal South Africa staff members creating educational wall murals at New Jerusalem Children’s Home

The staff cooked meals, painted and set up a hair salon, planted a lawn, painted a mural on the walls, upgraded the laundry and bakery and many more activities to benefit the children and their home.

L’Oréal South Africa’s Sandeep Rai said, “We chose to do some work for new Jerusalem Children’s Home for L’Oréal Citizenship Day because the centre looks after vulnerable children. We will get involved in projects and celebrate the work that the centre is doing to look after children.”

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New Jerusalem Children’s Home children’s salon transformed by L’Oréal South Africa staff members

New Jerusalem Children’s Home, chief executive officer Anna Mojapelo said, “Walking around and greeting people from Loreal and being engaged in different activities gave me inner peace, I don’t know how to thank them. I am humbled by their way of making a difference in lives of the vulnerable children and the transformation they brought into the organisation, in our bakery and the complete makeover in our children’s salon and giving our children an educational play area.

“To L’Oreal and all its people, New Jerusalem Children’s Home has felt your presence, your citizen day will be felt day in and day out.”

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