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There comes a time were one gets into deep thoughts and ask, I for one have always had this question since the day I was appointed by New Jerusalem Children’s home. Every time it hits me I think of you – community and corporate members, I think of the difference and hope we all can bring to New Jerusalem Children’s Home, to its children and youth.

Raymond Madibogo

Raymond Madibogo, Marketing Communications Manager

WHAT IF – What if is the question I have and had for some time now, one question which troubles me, which also keeps me awake in the middle of the night. I would like to share this question with you, I’d like to get you involved in addressing this question.

What if you could make a difference in lives of 88 orphaned, abandoned, abused, traumatized, vulnerable and HIV positive children and youth cared for by New JerusalemChildren’s Homeby becoming afriend of the home, partner and or donor contributing four times,twice or even once a year – what if time and again you could bring up New Jerusalem Children’s Home in conversation between yourself and your friends and family?

What if you invite your friends to have a fun day with our children – what if you asked your company to host an event related to children’s welfare in this organisation and donate towards a child’s wellbeing – what if you convinced yourself that you can make a difference in child cared for by New Jerusalem Children’s Home?

Asking this question brings many thoughts together, thoughts around the betterment of a child’s future, continued sustainability of New Jerusalem Children’s Home and making it a home you and I will be proud to walk into and play, mentor and support a child.

You are welcome to share your answer or suggestion to addressing the asked “what if” with us contact on Secretary@njch.org.za or Mme Anna Mojapelo (CEO of the home) on AnnaM@njch.org.za or the Public Relations Officer of the home Pro@njch.org.za

Championing right of children and youth, given them a positive window and open a leading to a better future needs us all, you answering and being involved in the “what if” can and will lead us far.

Raymond Madibogo
Marketing Communications Manager
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