Happy birthday sister


Birthday girl Samantha Theo Nhlapo

Today I was touched by what our teenagers did; they collected R20 from all staff members of the organisation, raised an amount of R180 to buy birthday party things, a cake, drinks and snacks to surprise their sister on this day being her special day, to celebrate their sister’s birthday, Samantha Theo Nhlapo.

This tells how united our children are, how much they see themselves as siblings – brothers/sisters of same bond.

This has always been our founders dream, our mission as the organisation, Mme Anna Mojapelo would always say “I want this children to take each other’s hand, support each other and think for each other, see themselves as sisters/brothers of the same mother”.

It’s unfortunate she wasn’t around to see this day unfold, to see what she has established this organisation to be happen, even though she saw this to be happening sometimes in the future, future came too soon then, am just not too sure if today I have seen the future of this organisation or if this is the beginning of the reality of us being a home… this shows our donors/sponsors partners ripple ef, fect in our children.

I wish I could share her words with you, but hey you are family right, so am gonna share, she said with tears in her eyes “it’s for the first time in my life I have this kind of a celebration, you guys are the best”

Happy birthday Samantha Theo Nhlapo (Click for more pic’s)

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