Green Tips

New Jerusalem’s mission is located within an environmental sustainability framework and the Home has committed to use any means possible to reuse and recycle and to minimize our carbon footprint.To this end, every effort is made to utilize as much clean technology as is financially feasible in all new developments.

Already we have installed a domestic effluence system that converts all effluence from the kitchen, laundry, toilets and bathrooms to water suitable for irrigation. Solar water heating has also been installed, as have water conserving taps and toilets and storm water tanks.

Our buildings are designed to maximize natural light and are built with materials that keep the interior temperature fairly stable. Therefore, energy needs are kept to a minimum.With the construction of our first family style home for the children, we have taken our commitment to the environment a step further.

The new house is constructed out of 28 recycled shipping containers and incorporates a wide array of environmentally friendly materials and technology.The grounds have not been neglected and we have planted 200 indigenous trees around the perimeter of the property.

Our permaculture garden provides the children with a constant supply of fresh, organically grown fruit and vegetables.

All members of the New Jerusalem community are involved in a waste management program. Children and staff collect and sort all waste generated by the Home for recycling.

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