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Siyabonga Masemola, child of New Jerusalem Children’s Home and Raymond Madibogo, communication and public relations manager – New Jerusalem Children’s Home

Please allow me to me to introduce you to Sitabonga Masemola – one of New Jerusalem Children’s Home beneficiary, who came to New Jerusalem Children’s Home in the year 2008, when he was only 8 years old.

In the year 2018, the young man, Siyabonga Masemola, was doing Grade 12, his hard work and dedication to bettering his life and making a difference, saw him passing and obtaining a national senior certificate. Not only has he passed, he has scored himself good points, which allows him to study a bachelor’s degree in a university. It is certainly all good news that we need celebrate and ululate for, to see a young man giving it so much – irrespective of his social background – I must say – it is heartwarming.

New Jerusalem Children’s Home social work team, has been knocking on universities doors, trying to get Siyabonga Masemola an access into the doors of higher learning, from the second good news of him passing his grade 12 landed – it is getting difficult by the day and its heartbreaking to see the Masemola boy and the social worker, who has been helping him with the application in the universities – coming back home without any success in all the attempts of getting the young man into a university – for him to continue with his studies, for the young man to study BCom Law – it is difficult to get Siyabonga into a public university.

On Tuesday, 29 January 2019 – New Jerusalem Children’s Home team and Siyabonga will be attempting to register him at the University of Pretoria, it is our wish that the university can accept him. Personally, I have seen the pain in his eyes every time he comes back from a university, without any luck. The young man’s wish, Siyabonga Masemola – is to study BCom Law, to make a difference and to give his young brother a better future – to help his sister who is no longer the beneficiary of New Jerusalem Children’s Home.

I know many of are wondering and asking questions to themselves – what if he is not accepted by the University of Pretoria?

New Jerusalem Children’s Home, will be left with an option of getting him into a privet university – Monash South Africa, Pearson Institute of Higher Education and or Varsity College – to a name a few – which are all costing in a range of R89,900 per year – excluding accommodation and any other needs for a student to effectively study in a university. The reality is that New Jerusalem Children’s Home, will not be able to afford R89 900 on an annual base – as it is New Jerusalem Children’s Home has a monthly shortfall of R150 000.00 to cover its annual operational cost in full.

It is getting more difficult for Siyabonga – the young man is 19 years old – should he not get into a university, the social welfare system will no longer recognize him as a child in need of place of safety and or social support by a children’s home – that means New Jerusalem Children’s Home, might not be able to help him going forward – only if he does not get placed in a school and or a formal training institution, which aims in bettering his skills for self and economic sufficiency.

May you please assist us, may you please help us on this journey of getting Siyabonga into a university – Pearson Institute of Higher Education, is closer to home, New Jerusalem Children’s Home social workers will be able to visit him and check-up on him time and again, it cost around R89 000 a year – accommodation is around R4 500 per month. May you please award him a study aid – and or a bursary for him to study BCOm Law or help us get him access into a public university.

Please contact the Communication and Public Relations Manager, Raymond Madibogo on 082 739 5177 – – 010 224 0458 to offer help for the young man’s education.

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