Count down to Woman of Passion

Its only 11 days before we all gather to celebrate and commemorate the women who made a difference in New Jerusalem Children’s Home. Many have asked if this event is only meant for women; with a smile on my face and inner joy, allow me to say that the event is meant for all men […]

You are appreciated

It’s amazing how mind changing it is for a child to meet a person who caters for his/her needs, to see how people who always smile and present goodies to them spend their days, it awakens a child sense of gratitude, it makes a child appreciate every single person who has ever given anything and […]

Honoured by SDA

New Jerusalem children’s home was visited by the Tshedza Seventh-Day Adventist (SDA) church for their Global Youth Day ‘Be the Sermon’ campaign   The campaign was focused on reaching out and touching lives in need, making a difference and showing love to humanity. The church is in pursuit to show ‘love in action’ to the […]

3rd Year Anniversary

Celebrations!!! 3rd Year Anniversary for New Jerusalem Children’s Home Green House Container Building Its a great day in New Jerusalem Children’s Home history as we mark a very special time. This day marks the 3rd anniversary of our beloved container house (Green House for its environmental friendliness)  that has truly put New Jerusalem on the […]

NJ Boys Soccer Team Soaring High

New Jerusalem Children’s Home Boy’s Soccer Team is soaring high and is sure to deliver an exciting performance during the 2015 soccer league season.

2014/2015 Back to School Campaign A Success

2015 is underway and our children are full swing into their new academic years. As an organization we would like to take the time out to say a very big and warm thank you to all the parties that made our 2014/2015 back to school campaign a success.

New Jerusalem gets state of the art alarm system

The 22nd of January marked a very special day at New Jerusalem as it received a much needed state of the art wireless alarm system which was installed within the home.

Police celebrate Aids day at children’s home

MIDRAND – Midrand police celebrated World Aids Day together with youngsters from two children’s homes in President Park.   Although the event was hosted at New Jerusalem Children’s home, the girls of Miriam Makeba’s home for girls were also present. On 1 December, the police were joined by the Department of Social Development and Health […]

2014 Orange Babies Graduation Ceremony

It is always a blessing to watch children bear fruits of the hard work that not only their parents and family have put in, but most importantly, that which they themselves are responsible for. More so, it is even more special to witness children grow, evolve and transcend from one stage of life to the […]

Green Tips

New Jerusalem’s mission is located within an environmental sustainability framework and the Home has committed to use any means possible to reuse and recycle and to minimize our carbon footprint.To this end, every effort is made to utilize as much clean technology as is financially feasible in all new developments. Already we have installed a […]