Officially 18 years old

Getting ready for the foundation work of the school building at New Jerusalem Children’s Home, in March 2018.

There is no better feeling than the one we are all feeling right now – here at New Jerusalem Children’s Home – NJCH. The home is officially 18 years old – yes it is. It is said that being 18 years old, means that you are developed and responsible enough tomake life changing decisions and you are responsible enough to voice for the future you need, we turn to believe the same here at New Jerusalem Children’s Home. Over the past 17 years, our focus as an  Read More

NJCH in 2018 and vision 2021

3D view of the proposed New Jerusalem Children’s Home primary school block

It gives us a great pleasure to announce that the boys residential unit, is on its total completion and final installation phase, the cornice and wall units – which were the last construction items to be installed –are now being put up and we are looking to have them completed by no later than end of April  Read More

The ever smiling child

Benny Mbathane, a 14 year old daughter of New Jerusalem Children’s Home

Please meet Benny Mbathane, a 14 year old daughter of New Jerusalem Children’s Home, doing her first year in high school, Grade 8 – her passionate and dedicated towards paving a different and a better path for her life and siblings through education, has given her the best to look forward to throughout attaining better education in a private high school institution.

New Jerusalem Children’s Home – expos the beneficiaries of Read More

The educational solution

Lanto Montessori International Primary School, 2018 pupils standing for a photo taking.

How about we give our children an education which will better their lives for ever, a child centred education, one that allows children to truly learn, to be decision makers at an early age, most importantly an education which will make our children readers from the  Read More

Back to school, not an easy one

Children at Lanto Montessori International Primary School.

A brand new look, ready for the 2018 schooling days. From school shoes to full uniform and a school back-bag.

17 January 2018 marked the official schoolsreopening day across many schools in South Africa. The reopening comes after the festive period holidays. In a brand new year, brand new class and grade – Read More