Mandela Day Celebration

MandelaWe at New Jerusalem Children’s Home, Midrand call upon members of our proud nation to join us in celebrating the life of an Icon. No matter if you are a corporate or individual, we ask that you partner with our home in commemorating your 67 minutes and more of public service. Read More

Children’s Jerusalem in cargo containers

Twelve-year-old John recites his poetry at the New Jerusalem Children’s Home, in Midrand, northern Johannesburg. He likes sport but he is “good at poetry”.

“I write one poem a month,” said John, who has lived at the home for the past eight years.

In one poem, he speaks about scaling obstacles: “If you run into a wall . figure out how to climb it.”

Perseverance is a characteristic he has learned from Anna Mojapelo, the CEO of the New Jerusalem Children’s Home for orphaned and vulnerable children.

Thirteen years ago Mojapelo started looking after a one-week-old orphaned girl at her home in Midrand. Read More

Plascon charity house

It’s great to see design with a purpose, and even more so when that purpose is helping the needy. The New Jerusalem Children’s Home has recently opened an Eco-House in Midrand, which will serve as a safe haven for orphaned and vulnerable children around Gauteng.

The charity  was founded in 2000 by Advocate Anna Mojapelo, a prominent businesswoman and reputable community developer, together with her sister Phina Mojapelo, a social worker who has years of experience working with children. Read More

New Jerusalem Children’s Home – Africa’s first Eco Friendly Children’s Home – Official Launch

Safintra Roofing, one of the proud sponsors of this phenomonal project, attended the elite official opening of Africa’s first eco-friendly children’s home in Midrand, Gauteng. This incredible structure was the brainchild of Mia Anfield and Sean Wall of 4d and a Architects. The launch was attended by various stake-holders, media, sponsors and of course the little people themselves.

The New Jerusalem Children’s Home provides resindential care for abandoned, abused, traumatised, orphaned or HIV – positive children and vulerable youth from birth to eighteen years. The home was started in 2000 when two sisters, Anna Mojapelo and Phina Mojapelo came together and realised the desperate need in their surrounding community to provide shelter and protection for these children. Their aim was not only to give these children a home but also to offer them a future filled with hope. Initially the sisters opened their own homes to the youngsters, but today the shelter, a state of the art compound houses over 80 children.

We salute these extraordinary women and their very worthy concern!

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Well done Plascon!

As a great example of corporate good and environmentally friendly design practices working together to benefit the needy, I knew I had to share this inspiring story with you as soon as it arrived in my inbox. Plascon has helped to build a new Eco-House at New Jerusalem Children’s Home in Johannesburg with their donation of paint and products. The Eco-House will serve as a safe haven for orphaned and vulnerable children around Gauteng. Read More