Home of the possibilities

The construction of the second floor slab of New Jerusalem Children’s Home, educational block.

June 1st 2018, marked the first day of the South African youth month – amazingly, it has been 42 years since young people of Soweto took to the streets of Soweto to voice their needs, needs for a better, quality and innovative education for the South African child and youth. In 2018 – today, education; continues to be a thorn in lives of many people, in December 2017 – Read More

Our educational focus

Children of New Jerusalem Children’s Home, during their home’s educational aftercare program class.

A question, do we all still believe that education is the key to success?

New Jerusalem Children’s Home, totally agrees with you, yes – education is the key to success, we believe in the value of education and the power it holds in transforming our societies and building better communities for all. Our deeper understanding for education, has led us to a need of building a school block for our children, orphaned, abandoned, abused, traumatized, vulnerable and HIV positive children and youth and further opening Read More

Well done, keep it up

A term 1 report card belong to a child from New Jerusalem Children’s Home, taken on the school reopening.

There is nothing encouraging and motivating in a school going child and the youth, than receiving a school report card for the first term, which read “well done keep it up”.

True as it may be; that majority of our children – cannot read and write as they should be, more on the age and grades they find themselves in – getting a positively written report card, is motivating, it encourages one to keep up  Read More

Officially 18 years old

Getting ready for the foundation work of the school building at New Jerusalem Children’s Home, in March 2018.

There is no better feeling than the one we are all feeling right now – here at New Jerusalem Children’s Home – NJCH. The home is officially 18 years old – yes it is. It is said that being 18 years old, means that you are developed and responsible enough tomake life changing decisions and you are responsible enough to voice for the future you need, we turn to believe the same here at New Jerusalem Children’s Home. Over the past 17 years, our focus as an  Read More

NJCH in 2018 and vision 2021

3D view of the proposed New Jerusalem Children’s Home primary school block

It gives us a great pleasure to announce that the boys residential unit, is on its total completion and final installation phase, the cornice and wall units – which were the last construction items to be installed –are now being put up and we are looking to have them completed by no later than end of April  Read More