Trying to give it color

We have tried and are still trying to complete the primary school building block – as we keep on traying to work towards the finishing of the building project, remain humbled by your support, seeing the school building on a level it is on and thinking of how many of you have supported and still looking forward to supporting the educational project, can you believe that to complete the school, New Jerusalem Children’s Home needs only R618 349.80 – the needed funds/recourse will assist in sourcing the – tiles, plumbing finishing’s, gutters, electrical finishing, pavement and the finishing paint for the outside walls.

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A mind clearing view

Children of New Jerusalem Children’s Home viewing a lake from the mountain. Photo by Michael Handel.

Has it ever occurred to you, how breath taking it is to visit a place you always see on donated travel magazines and on a television set – finding yourself on such a place is somehow magical and it always feels a bit unreal, you would even wish someone could pinch you, just to see if you not dreaming, to see if your body and soul is truly on the grounds you have always dreamed of visiting – these are words faces and the energy in voices of the Children of New Jerusalem Children’s Home, said on their return from hiking in Magaliesburg on Saturday, September 7, 2019.

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2019 Mandela Day wishlist

A drone image showing all the New Jerusalem Children’s home residential and educational facilities.

Did you know that New Jerusalem Children’s Home – NJCH, has a total of 92 beneficiaries, aged 0 to 18, who are permanently cared for by the dedicated and passionate child and youth care workers, within the walls of New Jerusalem Children’s Home – yep, 24 hours, 7 days a week and 365 days a year?

I mean – are you aware that New Jerusalem Children’s Home annual operational cost is between R5.6 and 6.1 Million, with about 31% of the operational cost going towards the children’s expense, which are:-

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Financially challenging

Children of New Jerusalem Children’s Home out in the morning

There is nothing more difficult than asking, as much as it is been said that “ask and it shall be given to you” it is hard to ask for money, it doesn’t matter who you are asking it from, think of a visit to a bank and applying for a loan, it is a bit embarrassing even though you are going to repay it over a certain period time, with interest even.

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Our reason for being

Aurora, Mme Anna and Uriel during the graduation ceremony at Siyakhula Computer School

Over the past months, New Jerusalem Children’s Home has been sharing with you, keeping you updated and making financial support request towards a school building project, which is currently under construction with about 85% of its construction phases completed.

Today, New Jerusalem Children’s Home, is here to share with you its reason for being, we come to share with you – one of the biggest success of New Jerusalem Children’s Home – please allow us to first start by saying “the success of a children’s homes, is not the buildings it has, not even the events it host an annual base, let alone the level of legal compliance towards its governing bodies and legislature and or funders. The success and a reason for being of every children’s home – is its ability to better lives of the children, the success of New Jerusalem Children’s Home and any other organisation doing the similar work – is simple to see children become self-sufficient, economically enabled and standing on their own, putting a bread on their table by themselves”

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