Thank you Afric Oil

  • Afric Oil_2
    Afric Oil_3
    Afric Oil_4
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Thank you Eskom

  • Eskom_2
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The building’s progress

  • Building progress _54
    Building progress _10
    Building progress _52
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NJCH soccer tournament

  • 03 June 2017 Soccer Tournament_12
    03 June 2017 Soccer Tournament_16
    03 June 2017 Soccer Tournament_20
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Tile handover

  • Tile Handover_175
    Tile Handover_120
    Tile Handover_54
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Plastering the outside walls

  • Plastering the outside walls_38
    Plastering the outside walls_4
    Plastering the outside walls_18
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GFIA handing over the sand

  • GFIA handin over the plaster sand_2
    GFIA handin over the plaster sand_1
    GFIA handin over the plaster sand_3
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Plastering in progress

  • Inside wall plastering in progress_6
    Inside wall plastering in progress_50
    Inside wall plastering in progress_14
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Electrical tubing

  • Electrical tubing_8
    Electrical tubing_9
    Electrical tubing_10
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The roof is taking shape

  • Sheeting on the truses_30
    Sheeting on the truses_2
    Sheeting on the truses_20
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