Reinforcing the slab

  • Reinforcing the slab_147
    Reinforcing the slab_94
    Reinforcing the slab_88
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Concrete slab formwork phase

  • Concrete slab formwork phase 1_3
    Concrete slab formwork phase 1_35
    Concrete slab formwork phase 1_75
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Thank you Flash Mobile

  • Flash Mobile_000
    Flash Mobile_30
    Flash Mobile_27
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Midrand Conference Centre

  • Midrand Conference Centre_24
    Midrand Conference Centre_33
    Midrand Conference Centre_50
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Thank you Blue Hills

  • Blue Hills Preparatory_10
    Blue Hills Preparatory_31
    Blue Hills Preparatory_16
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Thank you Krones SA

  • Krones_54
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Thank you AEC-Amersham

  • AEC-Amersham _15
    AEC-Amersham _14
    AEC-Amersham _10
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Aegis Global at Soweto

  • Aegis Global in Soweto_159
    Aegis Global in Soweto_42
    Aegis Global in Soweto_103
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Mandela Day Celebration

  • Mandela Day_2018_268
    Mandela Day_2018_283
    Mandela Day_2018_152
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Call to help build a school

  • Call to help build a school_27
    Call to help build a school_28
    Call to help build a school_29
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