Completed roof slab

  • Roof slab progress_72
    Roof slab progress_85
    Roof slab progress_82
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J B Marks Fun day

  • JB Marks Celebration at NJCH_158
    JB Marks Celebration at NJCH_36
    JB Marks Celebration at NJCH_93
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Thank you Firmenich SA

  • Firmenich SA_338
    Firmenich SA_299
    Firmenich SA_28
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2018 Annual General Meeting

  • 2018 AGM_135
    2018 AGM_134
    2018 AGM_64
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Second storey progress

  • Second storey brick work_school_7
    Second storey brick work_school_1
    Second storey brick work_school_23
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We are starting

  • NJCH School project_4
    NJCH School project_69
    NJCH School project_19
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Completed second storey slab

  • Completed NJCH School Second Slab_9
    Completed NJCH School Second Slab_63
    Completed NJCH School Second Slab_22
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Pouring the Second Slab

  • NJCH School Second Slab Pouring_314
    NJCH School Second Slab Pouring_280
    NJCH School Second Slab Pouring_127
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Humbled by the boys

  • Andries Mahlangu_Final
    Sihle Tulumane_Final
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Electrical tubing work

  • Electrical tubing work_25
    Electrical tubing work_8
    Electrical tubing work_31
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