Roofing in progress

  • Roof sheeting progress_15
    Roof sheeting progress_18
    Roof sheeting progress_46
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Beamfilling Completed

  • Beamfilling_10
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Completed truss work

  • Completed trusses_19
    Completed trusses_43
    Completed trusses_17
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School roof progress

  • School Roof Progress _3
    School Roof Progress _44
    School Roof Progress _5
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Multipurpose roof in progress

  • NJCH Roof in progress_1
    NJCH Roof in progress_2
    NJCH Roof in progress_5
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Welcoming the roof

  • NJCH Roof in progress_16
    NJCH Roof in progress_17
    NJCH Roof in progress_18
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Festive Fun

  • Festive Fun_47
    Festive Fun_56
    Festive Fun_37
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Festive with Omega

  • Omega 2018 Year End_1
    Omega 2018 Year End_2
    Omega 2018 Year End_4
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Completed roof slab

  • Roof slab progress_72
    Roof slab progress_85
    Roof slab progress_82
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J B Marks Fun day

  • JB Marks Celebration at NJCH_158
    JB Marks Celebration at NJCH_36
    JB Marks Celebration at NJCH_93
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