As we wave our goodbyes

  • goodbye _10
    goodbye _1
    goodbye _5
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Plumbing work progress

  • Plumbing work progress_5
    Plumbing work progress_18
    Plumbing work progress_15
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A little outing

  • walter sisulu botanical gardens_43
    walter sisulu botanical gardens_38
    walter sisulu botanical gardens
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Hanging doors

  • Hanging doors _22
    Hanging doors _23
    Hanging doors _28
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Working on plugs and lights

  • Working on plugs and lights_3
    Working on plugs and lights_4
    Working on plugs and lights_6
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Installation of glasses

  • Glazing _74
    Glazing _56
    Glazing _82
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85% ready for boys

  • Sep boys status _13
    Sep boys status _36
    Sep boys status
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Spring games

  • Mme Anna’s Spring birthday celebration_55
    Mme Anna’s Spring birthday celebration_25
    Mme Anna’s Spring birthday celebration_9
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spring birthday celebration

  • Mme Anna’s Spring birthday celebration_3
    Mme Anna’s Spring birthday celebration_4
    Mme Anna’s Spring birthday celebration_5
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Tiling work is taking shape

  • Tiling takes shape_15
    Tiling takes shape_14
    Tiling takes shape_38
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