We know, you will like this

One of our cheerful giver, asked an interesting question during her visit to the home, New Jerusalem Children’s Home, on 19 October 2017. We walked with her between the different buildings of the home, we shared with her, what every building is used for, by the children and personnel of the organisation. As we got into […]

As we wave our goodbyes

Finally, we are saying our goodbyes to the overcrowded boys dormitory. Certainly we are thankful for the nights and days it has sheltered a child, evenings when it was warm when the outside walls were cold – days when it rained, it proved to be a shelter to cover the children and youth’s

Doors are hanged

As the year 2017 closes doors behind its many months, ready to handover its successes and race to the year 2018. New Jerusalem Children’s Home, on the other hand is hanging doors in all the boys residential unit rooms, doors that will see children and youth being developed and made better behind closed doors – in a […]