CEO’s April update

Its all smiles on our faces; hopes and pure joy in our hearts as we enter into the second quarter of the year and the second month of our financial year. Greetings friends, partners, sponsors and donors of New Jerusalem Children’s Home. On the 4th March 2016 we commenced with the much needed structure, boy’s […]

Fun and love of football

Game of football is well defined by a goal; celebration, being on top of the league and respected for your dedication in finding the “behind the net” – with children and youth of New Jerusalem Children’s Home and children and youth from the surrounding communities its about fun and social cohesion

Have your say

There comes a time were one gets into deep thoughts and ask, I for one have always had this question since the day I was appointed by New Jerusalem Children’s home. Every time it hits me I think of you – community and corporate members, I think of the difference and hope we all can […]

Save the date | Africa Day

New Jerusalem Children’s Home would like you to save the date for the official opening of Afra Training and Development Centre, the readiness centre for children and youth of the home and youth from the surrounding communities. The invitation is further extended to the celebration of Africa Day, the annual commemoration on May 25, 1963 […]

Visit to UJ

Its amazing how children enjoy being exposed to new things in their lives, be it educational or social. Saturday 12, March 2016 – New Jerusalem Children Home joined Girls Invent at the University of Johannesburg to learn robotics and coding, an event which aimed at continuing the painting of a bigger picture for children and […]