Police celebrate Aids day at children’s home

MIDRAND – Midrand police celebrated World Aids Day together with youngsters from two children’s homes in President Park.   Although the event was hosted at New Jerusalem Children’s home, the girls of Miriam Makeba’s home for girls were also present. On 1 December, the police were joined by the Department of Social Development and Health […]

NJCH Celebrates World Aids Day

The first of December marked the internationally renowned day dedicated to mark the HIV/AIDS pandemic that has plagued the world for decades. New Jerusalem was sure to take part in this special day as the organization proudly helps in awareness campaigns towards HIV/AIDS  prevention.

2014 Orange Babies Graduation Ceremony

It is always a blessing to watch children bear fruits of the hard work that not only their parents and family have put in, but most importantly, that which they themselves are responsible for. More so, it is even more special to witness children grow, evolve and transcend from one stage of life to the […]